About Campus DBT

Campus DBT is a leading provider of dialectical behavior therapy for college students. After recognizing a lack of meaningful and accommodating DBT therapy on college campuses, we created Campus DBT to remove barriers to access and deliver tailored solutions specifically for students. Programs and skills coaching delivered by Campus DBT are unique, designed to meet the specific scheduling needs and lifestyle requirements of college students and deliver enduring benefits so that you can own your college experience and take your place in the world with confidence.

Our team is comprised of approachable, affable, qualified and experienced mental health professionals who have a passion for helping our clients lead more fulfilling, healthy, and rewarding lives.

What is DBT and why is it effective?

Dialectical behavior therapy, more commonly known as DBT, is an effective form of psychotherapy that has been proven successful in helping individuals achieve a higher level of well-being and build better mental health. It's purposefully designed to help individuals remain present, cope constructively with stress, handle their emotions effectively, and build meaningful relationships with others. Its application for college students is unrivalled, and is tailor-made for those who find themselves in fast-paced, constantly changing environments.

Campus DBT is the place to optimize mental health

When you want to improve your physical health, you go to the gym. When you want to strengthen your mental health, you come to Campus DBT. We’ve created skills coaching and DBT Therapy that acts as a fitness routine for your mind. All students can benefit from having expert advice and support to help improve cognitive health and well-being.

What makes Campus DBT unique?

We’re about helping students overcome the challenges that come with college so that they can take their place in the world with confidence. Our methodology focuses on helping you to own your time and own your space so that you can own your student experience. We’ve designed our cost-effective programs to meet the unique scheduling needs of students. Campus DBT provides customized skills coaching and DBT Therapy that helps unlock skills to help you build better mental health and set yourself up for success today, and tomorrow.

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