Student Mental Health & DBT Therapy


Our mission is to provide college students with the DBT-based skills needed to own their personal journey through development of balanced living, mindfulness, and healthy relationships.

Equipped with professional guidance, tailored coaching, and accessible resources, clients can harness the power of DBT therapy and take their place in this world with confidence.

Campus DBT Programs

Offering programming throughout the year.

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Virtual skills training and comprehensive DBT designed to fit within the academic schedule

  • Learn to manage emotion
  • Improve relationships
  • Enhance mindfulness skill
  • Strengthen resolve in times of stress
  • Develop the ability to identify and understand your emotions and their resulting actions. Learn how to decrease and even change emotional responses. Develop the proactive skillset of caring for yourself, lowering your vulnerability to emotional triggers.

  • Learn how to identify and reach your objectives in your interactions with others. Develop the ability to validate yourself and others. Understand how a dialectical view of the world allows for peaceful disagreement.

  • Developing and strengthening your ability to be present in the moment. Present with your thoughts and emotions. Present with your actions. Present with others. And most importantly, present with yourself.

  • Learn how to survive difficult situations and high emotions. Develop the insight and the skills to accept some of life’s harder circumstances. Set the stage towards effectively engaging with tough realities.


Dialectical Dilemmas

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