DBT Therapy Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching

  • A learning journey to help explore & understand DBT
  • Designed to help parents support their children
  • Suitable for individuals & couples
  • Promotes understanding & empathy
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DBT Therapy Parent Coaching

We believe that a problem shared is a problem halved. 

​​A parent figure role is always changing. Building better mental health is a journey unique to us all. Learning how best to help our children with their own journey can be challenging. 

Our Parent Coaching program is designed to help parents gain a better understanding of DBT Therapy, why it is so effective in assisting students and how they can best support their children on their journey to owning their experience. Suitable for individuals or couples, this program assists parents in developing empathy, identifying behavioral issues, crisis management and mindfulness.

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3 parent sessions (55 minutes)
$200 per session

Add-on sessions as needed

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