Comprehensive DBT

Comprehensive DBT

  • Weekly DBT Skills Group
  • Weekly individual sessions tailored to you
  • Phone Coaching
  • Identify & treat behavioral & emotional issues
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Comprehensive DBT

​​​​Our Comprehensive DBT program delivers powerful tools to help students on their journey to building better mental health. Purpose built for students, this program combines individual therapy sessions, DBT skills group sessions and phone coaching – providing the support you need when you need it. The program is flexible, delivering tailored treatment to reflect your unique needs. 

It focuses on identifying behavioral issues, developing emotional strength, remaining present and equipping you with the skills you need to own your time, own your space, and own your experience. 

One semester. A lifetime of skills.

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Weekly individual sessions (45 minutes)
($200 per session)

Weekly DBT Skills Group
($75 per group)

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Campus DBT Programs

Offering programming throughout the year.

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