Student Mental Health Resources

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Student Mental Health Resources

Student Mental Health Resources

​​Developed specifically to be accessible to those currently studying at college or completing higher learning, our student mental health resources provide practical assistance to students who are seeking to build better mental health. 

Campus DBT provides a range of resources that aim to break down barriers to access that students often encounter. We understand the shifting speeds of college – that’s why we’ve built our skills group sessions around your timetable, giving you access to the support and coaching you need when you need it. Individual sessions and phone support round out our robust programs. 

Our programs focus on therapy and coaching that empowers. Working together, we tailor an approach that provides accessible solutions that deliver enduring benefits. By helping you build your own mental health toolkit, we work to refine the greatest wellness resource you’ll ever have. You.

We believe in your amazing potential to overcome obstacles and own your experience. Unlocking that potential is why we created Campus DBT. Our coaching sessions and programs are filled with practical take-aways to help you tackle challenges head-on so you can take your place in the world with confidence. 

Accessing Mental Health Resources at College

Accessing mental health resources at college shouldn’t be daunting. It’s easy to find a gym. Maintaining a fitness routine for your mind should be just as simple. The nature of college has changed in the information age. At your fingertips exists access to several tools that can help build better mental health – both in-person and virtually. No matter where you are, help is at hand.  

Our student mental health resources are practical, personable, and accessible. It’s what makes Campus DBT as unique as you, providing the support you need when and where you need it. 

We use tried and tested dialectical behavior therapy techniques to promote mindfulness, helping you regulate your emotions to be in tune with your environment. By embracing your imperfections, you can develop powerful coping skills that are unique to you and built to get the most out of who you are. Our DBT therapy sessions and skills coaching are delivered in an understanding, warm and friendly environment – grounded in a respect for who you are and founded upon the principle that the best version of you is a journey waiting to happen

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