Mental Health Workshops for College Students

Mental Health Workshops for College Students

Mental Health Workshops for College Students

​​Alongside individual therapy sessions, mental health workshops for college students provide flexible and engaging forums where students can develop practical skills to improve or maintain their mental wellbeing.

Campus DBT delivers skills training coaching sessions based on a workshop format, in both individual and group settings. Tailor made for students, these sessions are perfect for those seeking to develop greater emotional resilience, develop practical skills and hone their mindfulness abilities. Our therapy and skills coaching incorporates acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), empowering your journey with an acceptance of your imperfections, as well as circumstances entirely beyond your control. Delivered in a comfortable and friendly environment, we focus on helping you unlock the power you already have to free your thinking so you can approach life’s challenges with confidence. 

There are several ways to take advantage of the benefits that dialectical behavior therapy can bring to your pursuit of building better mental health and overall college experience. Our range of student mental health resources include individual therapy, skills training coaching sessions, phone support and mental health workshops for college students.

Student Mental Health Resources

Our goal is the creation of therapy and skills coaching programs accessible to those at college or completing higher learning. Our student mental health resources are purpose-built for students who are seeking to harness the power of dialectical behavior therapy on their journey to building better mental health. 

College years are crazy years. The demands on your time are many, moving and often seem hard to manage. We’ve developed a range of resources that breaks down barriers to access that students often encounter. Our sessions and skills coaching are structured around your timetable, providing the support you need at a time when you can get to it. 

Our programs also help you explore ways you can maintain mental health outside of formal settings, including the use of creative arts, expressive dance and yoga. We also link in with support groups for specialist areas, including anxiety, depression, and AA groups. 

Campus DBT delivers dialectical behavior therapy and coaching sessions that empowers, using individual therapy sessions, skills coaching and mental health workshops for college students. Working together, we tailor an approach that provides accessible solutions with a vision to help you own your time, own your space and own your college experience. 

Campus DBT Programs

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