DBT Skills Training

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DBT Skills Training

DBT Skills Training

College is an experience that’s a small part of your overall journey. Our therapy isn’t just confined to sessions or skills groups. We fundamentally believe in evolving mindsets, as opposed to directly altering behaviors. Behavioral patterns change when we are more conscious of our feelings, emotional triggers and response mechanisms.

Our highly qualified therapists specialize in delivering DBT Skills Training that stays with you long after your therapy sessions have ended. From crisis survival skills, reality acceptance, skills for changing unwanted emotions or reducing emotional vulnerability, we help free your thinking so that you can have increased flexibility in your mindset.  

Campus DBT delivers skills training through our coaching sessions that is tailored to students so that you can own your space, own your time and own your experience. We help develop a fitness routine for your mental health, helping you keep your mind in shape and ready to tackle each day on your journey through college, and beyond.

DBT Treatment Plan

Everyone comes to therapy or self-improvement from a different entry point. No two people are the same. Solutions shouldn’t come in a box. 

Your program with Campus DBT begins with a unique DBT Treatment Plan that establishes goals, assesses your current strengths, and explores your potential. Dialectical behavioral therapy is a paradox – one if its fundamental teachings is that we need to be able to accept and embrace our imperfections to create meaningful change. Your treatment plan will focus on who you are, what makes you amazing and how to leverage this to help you overcome obstacles. Individual sessions, DBT skills training, workshops and phone support are all integrated within your personal plan. 

Campus DBT delivers therapy and coaching sessions unique to you. Our programs support students in building tangible skills to tackle tricky situations. Our focus is on working together to build better mental health so that you can own your college experience and take control of your journey.     

Campus DBT Programs

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