DBT Therapy Techniques

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DBT Therapy Techniques

DBT Therapy Techniques

​​We believe method matters. Therapy is more successful when the approach is tailored to your unique needs. 

Campus DBT specializes in DBT Therapy for students. We understand the problems and pressures that occur during college years and have adapted our programs to help you meet and overcome these challenges. 

We combine several DBT Therapy Techniques to form our exclusive therapy programs and coaching sessions for students. These include individual therapy sessions, skills training, workshops and phone support. We deploy every tool at our disposal to help develop the skills you need to own your college experience. Through this combination of techniques, we help build a solid platform that will assist you through college, while forming a foundation for you to successfully tackle life beyond it. 

Therapy should be as unique as you. Our programs and coaching sessions use carefully considered techniques proven to help foster emotional resilience while developing practical tools you can rely upon to build better mental health.

DBT Skills Training

The benefits of therapy should go beyond any single session. 

At Campus DBT, our programs are designed to to help you unlock skills that will help you own your experience, not just resolve today’s problem. 

DBT skills training forms a vital element of our therapy sessions, skills groups, workshops, and phone support. Our skills training coaching sessions focus on mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation skills and improving interpersonal effectiveness. By helping you build your own mental health toolbox, together we form a sustainable base for you to create positive change while understanding and accepting your own imperfections. 

Skills training is one of several DBT Therapy Techniques we use to help students own your space, own your time, and own your experience – ensuring that the therapy you receive delivers for you today, tomorrow and throughout your journey.  

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Games

Techniques to help improve focus and engagement to promote change and development, including workshops, skills groups, individual therapy sessions and games. 

Games promote retention of key fundamentals, such as mindfulness, and help form useful memory techniques that you can refer to when confronting situations that cause anxiety or stress. 

From childhood, games are successfully used to help us recall and process information. The use of Dialectical Behavior Therapy Games to keep students engaged can also add a light-hearted element to any therapy program.

Campus DBT Programs

Offering programming throughout the year.

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